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2550880 – Magnum Optimun Hopper 1210 1200x1000x1210 – 2R 2F BD

The Boxerpac® container from Schoeller Allibert is a versatile packaging system with over 25 years of history, providing exceptional volume for bulk products and enabling space-saving storage and distribution to the maximum when empty.

2559670 – Magnum Optimum 1200x1000x1125 – 2R 2F 3DD

Magnum Optimum® 1210: The best reusable large foldable container for industrial logistics. The Magnum Optimum® is the most powerful FLC on the market. It is extremely robust, lightweight, and has a large volume thanks to the welded double-wall design.

4429900 – MaxiLog 1200x1000x1230

This MaxiLog® is a true all-terrain vehicle for the transportation of food or large-volume bulk items.

5600303 – Combo Fructus 1219x1118x1186 – 3R SmartLink

Combo Fructus® is safe, hygienic, cost-effective, and sustainable. Combo Fructus® is designed to meet the unique logistics needs of the tomato concentrate and fruit juice industries.

5602303 – Combo Excelsior Hybrid 1200x1000x1147 – 3R BD DD SmartLink

With a minimal number of parts and its UV-resistant material, the Combo Excelsior Hybrid® is suitable for all hostile industrial environments and can remain stored outdoors for an extended period.

8007641 – Robusto 1219x1016x150 – 6R, R

The Robusto pallet is a sturdy, versatile, and durable pallet designed for harsh industrial logistics environments.    

8279130 – BaYoPal 1200x1000x165 3R

The 1200x1000 BaYoPal® pallet is ideal for both internal and external logistics.

8282100 – JumboNest 1200x1000x784

Durable, nestable, and stackable, the JumboNest® is the largest stackable and nestable rigid pallet container on the market with an internal volume of 520 L. Hygienic due to the JumboNest® monoblock design.

9410000 – Retention pallet 1200x800x225 – 35L

We offer a complete range of mobile spill control systems, 100% polyethylene, corrosion-resistant for acids, bases, and solvents, for extended maintenance-free use. Economical, mobile, versatile, and easy to clean. Our spill control systems provide high levels of safety, protecting both the environment and personnel.